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"We loved the classes & are excited about becoming a therapy dog! We appreciate all Melissa's work to help us get there!" - Veronica

"Melissa is an awesome trainer. Our dog is changed completely for the better."-Jennifer

"Melissa does a great job explaining the lessons and working with the dogs."- Melodi

"I loved the class. Melissa is great, very helpful, and overall a great trainer."-Kayla

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Welcome! I hope what's brought you to my site is the fact that your looking for a new dog or are looking to get some help for your existing dog(s) through training or grooming! It doesn't matter if Fido is brand new or your looking for some solutions to a few behavior problems, I've certainly got the obedience/puppy classes and other services to help you and your new pet! I've been working with adopted and rescue dogs for over 11 years and have extensive experience handling dogs with behavior issues from your typical minor behavior problem to aggression. My ultime goal is to help you and you pet understand one another through positive reinforcement. Please feel free to browse my site, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Monet, adopted through Heartland Small
Animal Rescue.


Aurora, adopted through Allies for Greyhounds

Eve, adopted through Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan

What I'm up to:

September 30th--I'm actually just posting to say that I updated the classes page, and hopefully this makes it more user-friendly and easier to understand for everyone. I certainly hope so! As far as what's happening...Nothing too much. I finally have a place INDOORS to do the group classes, so that makes it much, much easier on everyone. I don't think anyone would like doing classes in the snow....oh sorry...did I just say a 4-letter word? My apologies, but it IS coming whether any of us want it to or not. Sunday, October 11th is the magical day for a new Intermediate class starting and a new Therapy Dog Class mark you calendars and contact me to sign-up the pups! I love seeing them! I don't have any news on the job front...still just waiting to hear back, but we'll cross the bridge once we get to it I suppose. Signing off....

September 13-After this crazy adventure I've been on.... I mean, is it THAT hard to find a good manager to work for? Apparently it is, so I've just considered doing it formally on my own...there may be something else in the works but at least I can fall back on this if necessary.... Everythings coming into place...slowly, but it's coming. The next puppy class is starting Sunday, September 20th at 4pm. I only have a couple of spots left. This class isn't for beginning dogs, we are mainly work on doing the commands despite distractions. Maybe an adolescent class would be a proper term for it. lol. I don't really think I have anything more to blog about today.  If your looking for classes...feel free to head on over to the classes page, take a look-see around and contact me when your ready to sign up!

August 28th- I have good news all around. I'm still grooming full-time of course, so that's what I do during 'business' hours and then got the more awesome news. I've found a place to do obedience classes...inside to account for the elements. We can practice inside, in the store, and outside! It will be so fantastically awesome! The puppy class is starting September 10th, and the puppy playtime is September 13th. I'm super, super excited for this opportunity and I can't wait for you all to join me! I think that's all but cruise on over to the classes page to see what I'm up to and the dates/times for everything! I can't wait to finally be doing this on my own!

August 14th- I just received my official word for ABC...I'm an Animal Behavior College Professional Groomer! There's a few things in the works for doing classes in the winter time since outside isn't an option...I dunno about you, but I'm not a fan of the snow. More on that once things are solidified, but there's 3 options in the works just depends on how things pan out. Cinnabar is still waiting for his forever family and he's still on the adoptables page...I'd love to take him off you know. :D Therapy Dog Test is Saturday, September 12th at 6pm. Get your reservations in quickly because spots fill up quickly. The grooming position is going well and I enjoy my job, but in all seriousness I'd probably pretty much enjoy anything that worked with animals that bark, are furry, and have paws, but I digress. I think that's all for now...browse, enjoy my website...learn a few things...and if you need my help just toddle on over to the contact me page and give me a buzz. I don't have business hours, and my life revolves around the furries so anytime is just fine by me!

July 27th- I've officially finished grooming school, so that's now done and out of the way. The aggression cases are in full-swing and I have very little room, so if you are looking at getting some help for your dog, please contact me sooner rather than later. CGC and TDI Testing date will be coming up, so far I've only had 1 person express interest, so please contact me if you are interested in CGC or TDI Testing. I did end up getting a job as a groomer, so I am grooming...If you need your dog groomed it's another one of those contact me things, notice a pattern here? As for the next few months, the location of training and what I'm doing vs. actually posting on the website may change. It will simply be the location of the classes and only about 5minutes away from where they currently are, so no big deal but don't want anyone showing up at the wrong place! I do have a new adoptable on the adoptables page...all the info is there but here's another picture of him for good measure. I'm still working with him on some issues, but he's available to the right home that's just as special as he is! I think that's all the news I have for now.

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