"Loved the training classes & trainer-She is awesome."-Jelena & Trevor

"Melissa is an awesome trainer. Our dog is changed completely for the better."-Jennifer

"Melissa does a great job explaining the lessons and working with the dogs."- Melodi

"I loved the class. Melissa is great, very helpful, and overall a great trainer."-Kayla

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Welcome! I hope what's brought you to my site is the fact that you're looking to get your dog trained, whether you've just adopted a new dog or are looking for some solutions to a few behavior problems, I've certainly got the training and obedience classes to help you and your new pet! I've been working with adopted and rescue dogs for over 10 years and have extensive experience handling dogs with behavior issues from your typical potty training problem to aggression. My ultimate goal is to help you and your pet understand one another through positive reinforcement training. Please feel free to browse my site, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  

Monet, adopted through Heartland Small Animal Rescue.

Aurora, adopted through Allies for Greyhounds

Eve, adopted through Allies for Greyhounds of West Michigan

What I'm up to:

April 6th- April, May, and June's start dates are up. I've added some puppy playtimes on there as well as Therapy Dog Testing and also noted which classes are full. If you are interested in a class, especially the puppy classes they're almost full till the end of April so please contact me if your interested as they're filling up quickly!

April 1st-Happy April Fool's Day! So, I've obviously been extremely negligent in posting but in all fairness I've been extremely busy too. So, in good news. Diva is also a Universal Donor so she will be joining Password and Butter in Morris Animal Hospital's Blood Donor Program! She goes in for her first donation on Friday! All the Therapy Dogs are doing well and the next 2 Therapy Dog Testings will be posted very shortly, but they will all be full as there's 13 babies in these 2 classes! Send all your good wishes that they pass! Classes are filling up quickly, the soonest I have right now is April 8th, so if your thinking about signing up please contact me! Other than that, things are going swell in the world of training and lots of pups are learning to be good dogs instead of mischievous ones!


February 22nd-Lots of good things happening....lots of people in wanting the Therapy Dog Class as well...We're talking about saving lives here...I actually got photo's of Butter donating blood at Morris Animal Hospital, and just for kicks took one of myself donating blood. At least they don't take it out of my jugular! Here's to saving lives both canine and human! We're all about helping others so if your having trouble with your pet, please let me know how I can help you! P.S. It is a painless procedure for dogs just as it is for humans.

February 8th- Puppy playtimes are filling up fast! There's already 4 dogs signed up for the one next Sunday, which means there's 6 spots left!!! So if your interested, please give me a call so we can get you and your new pup on the road to being a socialized pup!


February 1st-Well, I definitely have something to blog about! Butter and I participated in Memorial Hospital's Hearts of Gold Mall Walk to raise money for the Children's Hospital. It was great seeing the awesome turnout they had, visiting with the staff and see all the wonderful children that were able to take part it it. Another super fun thing is we saw Frosty who took his TDI test January 4th(and passed of course) nicely working the crowd and bringing smiles and joy to the faces of many people, especially children. That's what it's all about! Now, onto the photo's I know. We only have 2 because Butter spent a lot of quality time being petted, as you can see it was smiles all around!




January 16th-March's start dates are up and I posted about a month's worth of start dates above. I only have a few Beginner/Puppy classes starting each month now, so if you are considering signing up for training, I would definitely recommend earlier rather than later to ensure you have your spot as each class is limited to 6 dogs. The Therapy Dogs in training are doing really well in their respective classes and I've posted a photo of Samantha. Samantha is a Newfoundland that started training when she was 3 months old. She earned her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy at 16 weeks, her AKC CGC at 7 months, her AKC CGCA and 1.5yrs of age and passed The Therapy Dog Test at just 21 months old. Samantha is clearly a testament to "“With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.”-Sir Thomas Buxton (1786-1845). Never give up on your dog, for only you are capable of showing them the way.

January 5th-The April 19th TDI testing is now full!

January 3rd-Happy New Year to all! The first group of Therapy Dog potentials are taking their testing tomorrow! Good luck to all of them! Both Giorgio and Password are traveling to Muncie, IN to take their Therapy Dog Test in March. I'm so hoping they will both pass it and not have a 'bad day!' The next Therapy Dog testing is Saturday, April 19th at 5pm. The limit is 6 dogs and I have 5 spots left. Keep a look out for Loose Leash Walking Seminar's coming up in March! I'm seriously considering offering a once-a-month 'testing' day for S.T.A.R, CGC, and CGCA testing. The jury's still out, so we'll see what pans out the next couple of months. Keep an eye on here as if it comes to fruition it will be posted! Other than that not too much else happening around here!


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